What if help never comes for you? What if you started to see things? If a little girl with an X shaped scar where her mouth should be is trying to get in. And nobody else could see her.

On the wonderfully sunny 5th of May I was lucky enough to attend  a performance of Alistair McDowall’s claustrophobic new play ‘X’ at the Royal Court Theatre in London. The premise of X appears a classic sci-fi trope, five astronauts left stranded on Pluto following a failure to contact Earth. However, from this simple idea an enormous range of complexities and tensions emerge, engaging with postmodern concerns such as our perception of time, memory and reality. Continue reading “X”



So after an embarrassing five months of computer problems I can now access the blog again. Huzzah! I’m sure everyone is very excited to read about me twittering on again 😉