Drifting from the mainstream

Drifting from the mainstream

In recent years, universities have seen the rise of alternative culture with many societies dedicated to rock and metal, fandom, and (in some extreme cases) fetish. With the emergence of these societies, mainstream university events have begun to see competition between the alternative nights and their own activities.

So why do people want to go to the alternative parties?

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Christmas Ball

Tonight I will be attending the alternative Christmas ball run by the university rock society.  Hopefully,  I’ll be able to get enough quotes to write an article on the rise of alternatives to mainstream university activities.


So, following a brief period of absence from university I thought I’d have a little think about how prolonged sick leave may affect fellow students while also getting back to my writing (woo).



Sick leave and University

Sick leave and University

Being ill is an unpleasant experience for anyone, but at university there are additional complications. The difficulties faced in recovering are compounded by the need to catch up on any work that is being missed during the recovery period, which may have to be spent in another city. I aim to discuss the difficulties of absence at British universities in addition to some of the help that is offered to students unfortunate enough to become seriously ill. Continue reading “Sick leave and University”