It is common among university students to bring strange objects home to present to their friends in the hope of earning a smile or a laugh. Some lucky few even attain the honour of it becoming a Facebook status. As a student, money can be tight and the gifts are often shopping trolleys piled into your room, a traffic cone on the dinner table or a chocolate bar if your day has been truly dire. These things can be found free (or at least cheap) and make someone feel so much better about the world for a while. University has been stressful for some of us recently so I thought I’d introduce a new friend into the mix to try and cheer them up.

Yes, I did make it to the Facebook status.

Slightly nerdy gifts are often excellent ideas and after Thought Bubble convention this weekend, this little guy seemed like the perfect idea.

Watch out for the Thought Bubble review (from the point of view of a volunteer and a fan) coming soon.




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