This is your official welcome to the new home of Smudge’s blog. During our time together I will share articles about things I find relevant or interesting (in the hope that you think so too) in addition to small snippets of daily life. If we get really lucky, there may even be some short pieces of fiction to enjoy.

Still, I think in order to begin I should first share one or two details about myself (ok lets go with 5… 5 sounds good)

  1. I am at university studying English Literature
  2. I adore dystopia and 19th Century Russian literature (Its not as miserable as it sounds, I promise)
  3. I love the beach and the forest so the city is a little stifling
  4. I am terrible at picking blog names
  5. I would love  career in publishing

I hope that you now feel well enough acquainted with me to visit again.

On with the blog.



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